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1) Smell your candle.

Aromatherapy is all about how your body reacts to smells. With TERPEE candles, not only do you want to scent to fill the room, but you want the terpenes to fill your body. The best way to get those receptor ready is to take a few strong whiffs of your candle before you even light it.

2) Memory Burn.
The most crucial burn to your new candle is its first one.  This is what is known as a memory burn.  The initial burn is the one that is most vital to a complete melt pool.  And, even more importantly a memory burn in the candle is the one that sets the boundaries and scent throw for every burn after that.

All candle waxes retain a memory.  In order to have a full melt pool, where liquid wax is touching every side of the container, the candle has to have a memory of that.  Besides getting the most out of your candle time with a full memory burn, there is another reason why memory burns are so important.  With a full melt pool on your candle, you will notice a stronger scent throw from your candle.

We recommend that you burn your candle the first time for at least 3 hours.

3) Trim the Wick.
All good things need to be trimmed before you light them. Before you light your candle, make sure that the wick is no longer than ¼” high.  Be careful not to cut your wick too low, this is a sure fire way to drown your wick out in the melted wax.  This is a key tip to remember each time that you light your candle.  Recalling this simple step each time will lessen the amount of soot and smoking from your candle…. after all, you should be the only thing smoking!

4) Use Caution
Never EVER leave a burning candle unattended. Keep the candle away from drafts in the room, and anything flammable. Always keep candles out of the reach of children and pets. It’s equally important to keep your candle free of wick trimmings, matches, and any other debris.  Any of these items could be flammable.  Hello Fire Department!