Creating a Ganja-Glam phone case

Sometimes you just want to stand out. Sometimes you want something that expresses how you feel. And sometimes you just want to be dazzling!.

The Case

Select a clear case that fits your phone. Most cases will come with an insert that you can use as a template if you don’t like the insert that came with the case, so you can easily change it to a print or glittery background.

The Insert

If your phone case came with an insert, then this will be super easy. You can either use the insert provided or you can use it as a template to cut out the image you do want. It could be a photo, glitter paper or just a solid piece of paper. It’s your design.

The Glam

Before placing your phone into the case, remove the insert and sprinkle the cannabis leaves into the case, spreading them around. You’re not glueing them down, so they do move around slightly, which is kinda nice… just remember that though when you remove the case or glitter goes everywhere.

The Finished

At this point, the case is finished. There not much more to do except slide the phone into the case. You could easily add stickers, cutout shapes or images as well as regular glitter, if you want to give your case more dimension.